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IM LifeStyle is designed to automatically ensure you always remain best positioned to meet your aims and objectives without having to monitor and adjust your holdings.


The portfolio is made up of index trackers and individual shares, with the weightings constantly evolving to fit with your time to invest and end requirement for your money - income, capital lump sum, or a mixture of the two. It can therefore be ideal for anyone wanting everything managed for them.

IM LifeStyle is provided and managed by P1 Investments with IM Private Clients as a consultant adviser to the portfolio investment committee.

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target dated

IM LifeStyle takes your current age, what your future aim is for this money (income, lump sum or a mixture) and your target dates for reaching this point.

You are then placed in the appropriate investments to achieve this, with your portfolio(s) automatically changing over time to meet your requirements and adjust to the market conditions of the day.

fully managed

By using a blend of index trackers and stock selection IM LifeStyle seeks to provide returns that will go on to outperform the markets as a whole.

 All investment decisions are made for you using the best ideas at any given time in market cycles. These are constantly adjusted to meet your needs, be that growth, income or a combination.

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All Factsheets are provided by Intelligent Money. Please note that IM LifeStyle is one investment strategy where the holdings in your portfolio will be unique to your current age and time for investment. We show two different factsheets here as some people will want to take an income (either now of in the future) and others will want to withdraw a lump sum (without taking income). Which ever option you decide to go for the portfolio data will remain the same right up until this point.
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