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Intelligent Money Private Clients provides investment management, financial and tax guidance, pension, SIPP, SIA and General Investment Accounts, together with trusted, experienced and knowledable support under one roof and without adviser fees.

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Financial planning is a vital cornerstone in achieving your goals, aims and independence.

Intelligent Money offers a full financial guidance service to assist you in this at no additional charge.


Unlike financial advice, financial guidance does not involve 'recommending' a product or fund, it instead helps enable you to take control and make your own decisions with knowledge, confidence and support.


Tax is a hurdle we all face on our earnings, purchases, savings and investments, but there are many ways we can reduce our tax bills.

Intelligent Money offers not only the usual tax 'wrappers', such as ISAs and Pensions, but also a bespoke tax guidance service available at no additional charge to all of our direct clients.

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