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The financial sector is broadly split into two camps, providers and advisers. As you may naturally suspect, the providers supply the products and the advisers advise you on which products you should use.

Product providers are FCA authorised firms who offer products you can us to save and invest for your future. The cost of this is stated in the product fees.

Financial advisers are FCA authorised people or firms who make personal recommendations that you buy a particular product or take a particular course of action. They earn their fees by intermediating between you and the product provider they recommend. The cost of this is typically a percentage of your invested assets, both initially and then every single year.


A great many people now question whether this cost delivers comparable benefits.

Intelligent Money Private Clients is different. We are a financial and tax planning support company. We provide information and guidance on all investment related matters, including technical, tax and general planning assistance. We do not engage in any regulated activities, such as financial advice or intermediation, nor do we  provide or sell any products.

We have found that with financial planning, information, guidance and support, most people are able to take control of their finances, gain great understanding as to what is happening with their money and select their own products. 


Importantly, they are then able to do this without having to pay a financial adviser to intermediate on their behalf, thereby saving  the initial and annual adviser charges which eat away at investments.


In essence, we provide what many people want from a financial adviser - financial, tax and technical information, guidance, support and planning - but without the cost.


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