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We provide a full end to end online quotation, appliaction and management system with access to our ride range of low cost managed portfolios from which you can build a bespoke solution for each client or select a target dated option.

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The adviser/client relationship has stood the test of time. Whatever delivery models have come and gone over the years, the personal one-on-one relationship has remained consistant and strong.

Intelligent Money provides advisers with fully online  tools to simply and cost effectively deliver the end solutions, freeing time for these relationships.


The world is changing. Solutions have to be instant, portable and easily adapted to circumstances. Advisers and client expect streamlined processes.

Intelligent Money provides full online integration. You enter client details once at illustration and never again. All data is then securely auto-populated for  application through to management and client view.

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Solutions are not always enough on their own. Strong support from your selected providers can be vital in ensureing relationships run smoothly.

Regardless of whether this is technical, processing, regulatory or simply relationship support, Intelligent Money provides you with a named consultant who will take care of you and your clients' every needs.

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