The IM Optimum SIPP

Designed to offer global investment reach
through our IM Optimum Portfolios with
no initial, annual or drawdown charges

The IM Optimum SIPP

The IM Optimum SIPP is designed for middle to high net worth clients (minimum of £50,000) to hold our IM Optimum Portfolios without having to pay any initial, annual and income payment SIPP charges.

It also offers complete open architecture for bespoke SIPP functionality, again with no initial, annual or income payment fees.

The only other charges are commercial property fees (when selected) and our standard fee schedule for additional work, as and when required.

Intelligent Money has nearly a decade of in-house SIPP experience and a dedicated SIPP management team. We are in fact, the UK’s largest intermediary-only SIPP provider and have independent maximum five star ratings for all of our SIPPs.

For further information about the IM Optimum SIPP please call us and we will arrange for your nearest regional sales director to contact you.