The IM Optimum ISA

Designed to offer global investment reach
through our risk managed, target dated
IM Optimum Portfolios

The IM Optimum ISA

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are one of the most popular investment wrappers in the UK. Unlike SIPPs and Pensions, access is available at any time whilst income and growth continues to be tax free during the investment stage and within your client’s hands during withdrawal.

The IM Optimum ISA is a fully managed stock & shares ISA designed to ensure your clients’ ISA investments are always managed with the appropriate risk level for each individual through our target dated or Risk Managed IM Optimum Portfolios.

It is part of our Private Client Service.

For further information about the IM Optimum ISA or our Private Client Service please call us and we will arrange for your nearest regional sales director to contact you.