Please read this important information regarding Intelligent Money in response to COVID-19


Pensions & ISAs

We offer in house Pensions & ISAs which enable you to offer tax efficient investing to you clients at no additional cost


Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are one of the most popular investment wrappers in the UK. Unlike pensions, access is available at any time and income is all tax free in the client’s hands.

The Managed Portfolio ISA is a stocks & shares ISA designed to ensure your clients’ ISA investments are always managed with the appropriate risk/reward level for each individual, through our investment portfolios.

There is no additional charge for ISA plan management, as you would expect.


The Managed Portfolio Pension is designed to hold investments in our Managed Portfolio Service, yet still offers the commercial property and flexi drawdown functionality you would normally expext from a SIPP.

There is no charge for the Managed Portfolio Pension, other than the annual management charge for the underlying Intelligent Money investment portfolios, which start at 0.57% a year inclusive

Holding commercial property does carry additional charges for clients with less the £200,000 invested in our portfolios, but is completely free of charge to those with £200,000 or more in our portfolios.

We also offer a fully inclusive fixed cost price for commercial property alone, which is £550 initial and £750 a year, with no time charging whatsoever.

For further information, please contact Steve Cooper at


Following the Government lockdown announcement, we will be closing our offices this evening, Monday the 23rd March 2020.

We will continue to ensure that all pension, ISA and GIA withdrawals will be paid to clients on time and all online applications and instructions will remain automatically processed during this period. So, in this respect, business will continue as usual.

Our loyal team will remain on the payroll whilst they are temporarily unable to work, whilst certain key members will remain on hand remotely to ensure that no client is adversely affected (though this may naturally impact on response times).

Please also note that our main office building has also been shut down (we are located within a national museum) and we are therefore not currently able to receive any post as normal.

We thank you in advance for your understanding during this difficult time and for all enquires during this period please contact the most relevant email address as listed below: