Target Dated Portfolios

The seemingly effortless exterior of our IM Optimum Portfolios belies the sophistication of the movement within

Target Dated Portfolios

IM Optimum Growth

This portfolio manages risk, asset allocation and underlying investments in order to achieve a lump sum for withdrawal at each client’s chosen target date(s). The risk/reward ratio from day one is set at a level commensurate with the time remaining until the anticipated withdrawal date (so someone with a 20 year growth horizon will initially be at a higher risk/reward ratio than someone with 10 year investment horizon, etc.). Over the accumulation term risk is managed down as each target date approaches until the portfolio is 100% defensive.

IM Optimum Growth & Income

This portfolio works in the same way as IM Optimum Growth, but instead of managing risk down to a very defensive level as each target date approaches it instead manages into a balanced, non-target dated, investment portfolio designed to provide the optimum level of return from which to draw down a balanced income. This is ideal for people wanting risk appropriate growth during accumulation and a constantly balanced portfolio to draw down from in the future.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for all IM Optimum Portfolios has been designed to ensure an average reduction in yield of less than 1% including all costs in relation to the running of the portfolios (including the underlying investments, stamp duty, platform and custodian fees, etc.) and the portfolios are available with no initial, annual or income payment SIPP charges.