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Risk Rated Portfolios

Our investment process and philosophy
allows us to adapt to constantly changing
markets for each client’s requirement

Risk Rated Portfolios

We have five risk rated model portfolios that all benefit from internal discretionary management from Quilter Cheviot and go through the risk reward spectrum from Defensive, Cautious, Balanced, Dynamic and Adventurous.

IM Optimum Defensive

This portfolio aims to put capital preservation at the forefront whilst seeking low risk investment returns over and above inflation in order to maintain real capital values over the long term.

The investment manager therefore uses a well diversified portfolio of assets, predominantly gilts, fixed interest, index linked bonds with a small exposure to equities.

This portfolio can therefore be ideal for people wanting a higher potential return than for cash and who are prepared to take our lowest level of investment risk. Returns can provide growth, be taken as income or a combination.

IM Optimum Cautious

This portfolio aims to provide investment returns from a cautiously managed portfolio of gilts, UK equities, property, bonds and cash, whilst also providing a small exposure to overseas equity (principally the US).

The investment manager runs this portfolio with the aim of preserving capital values whilst achieving investment returns in line with a cautious mandate from a well diversified portfolio of gilts, bonds, equities, property and cash.

This portfolio can therefore be ideal for cautious investors seeking an investment approach that sits between defensive and balanced, with returns used to provide growth, income or a combination.

IM Optimum Balanced

This portfolio aims to deliver investment returns that can be used for growth or income from a well diversified portfolio run on a truly balanced basis.

Taking the best characteristics of both our cautious and dynamic portfolios, the investment manager blends these to create a balanced investment approach forming a portfolio comprising of global equities (predominately UK but with US, European and a smaller level of Japan, Far East and Emerging Market exposure) combined with property and fixed interest holdings.

This creates the optimum balanced investment portfolio for generating returns for growth, income or a combination of the two.

IM Optimum Dynamic

This portfolio aims to deliver potentially higher returns than a balanced portfolio, but without the full level of risk and volatility associated with an adventurous portfolio.

The investment manager seeks to achieve this by taking the best of our balanced and adventurous portfolios and blend these to produce a portfolio of global assets, predominantly weighted to the UK that sits directly between the balanced and adventurous approaches.

This portfolio bridges the gap for investors who seek more dynamic returns (for income or growth) than those associated with a  balanced portfolio and are therefore prepared to take more risk, but not to the level of an adventurous portfolio.

IM Optimum Adventurous

This portfolio aims to produce the highest returns available by taking an adventurous, but always responsible and never speculative, approach to risk management.

The investment manager runs a fully global approach currently weighted to UK and then US equities but with slightly higher exposure to Europe, Japan, the Far East and Emerging Markets than with our balanced portfolio. This is combined with a smaller property holding and minimal fixed interest.

This portfolio can therefore be ideal for investors with a longer investment horizon who want to maximise returns which can be left for growth, taken for income, or a combination.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for all IM Optimum Portfolios has been designed to ensure an average reduction in yield of less than 1% including all costs in relation to the running of the portfolios (including the underlying investments, stamp duty, platform and custodian fees, etc.) and with no initial, annual or income payment SIPP charges.


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