How Managed Direct Works

Managed Direct enables you to offer a non-advised solution whereby you charge a service and support fee to your clients

How it Works

After identifying which clients are suitable for Managed Direct you can then decide whether you want to offer this under your own brand (our software team will do this for you at no charge) or under the Intelligent Money brand.

Managed Direct is a non-advised solution whereby you set out your charge for providing the service and the accompanying telephone support.

Your selected clients will then be offered a simple online application whereby our software will assist them in arriving at the most suitable investment solution(s) for their individual needs and agreeing your fees for providing and supporting them with this service.

You and your clients’ will be able to monitor investments, holdings, valuations and all documentation on any desktop/laptop/tablet/phone using our online IMAP system, with your clients’ able to make changes whenever required. The entire process is paperless, simple and efficient.