Please read this important information regarding Intelligent Money in response to COVID-19


Managed Direct

A fully managed service proposition for clients where regular face to face advice would not be cost or time effective


Most firms have clients that do not require regular face to face meetings and reviews. This may be due to a simple personal preference, a time limitation or financial viability.

Whatever the reason, all firms are now required to have in place an appropriate service proposition for all clients – including those for whom the traditional advice route may not be suitable or appropriate – in order to meet FCA requirements.

Intelligent Money’s target dated IM Optimum portfolios are an ideal solution for such clients as risk management, asset allocation and investment management all operate internally and in unison. We recognise however that our minimum investment criteria precludes many clients with smaller fund values from accessing this service.

To this extent we have put in place our Managed Direct programme. This allows firms to side-step our minimum investment levels when seeking to move groups of individual clients to Intelligent Money.

You can use the Managed Direct programme to meet your regulatory responsibilities for these clients (and attract new clients wanting a digital connection) through a non-advised investment solution designed to complement your advised services.





Following the Government lockdown announcement, we will be closing our offices this evening, Monday the 23rd March 2020.

We will continue to ensure that all pension, ISA and GIA withdrawals will be paid to clients on time and all online applications and instructions will remain automatically processed during this period. So, in this respect, business will continue as usual.

Our loyal team will remain on the payroll whilst they are temporarily unable to work, whilst certain key members will remain on hand remotely to ensure that no client is adversely affected (though this may naturally impact on response times).

Please also note that our main office building has also been shut down (we are located within a national museum) and we are therefore not currently able to receive any post as normal.

We thank you in advance for your understanding during this difficult time and for all enquires during this period please contact the most relevant email address as listed below: