3-Dimensional Investing

Internal risk management within our
target dated portfolios gives the optimum
strategy for each investor at every stage

Investment Management

Each of your client’s goals, requirements and time frames are unique. We therefore ensure the management of their investment portfolios are too. Regardless of whether they are building wealth or drawing down an income from it, it is important that their investments are being managed in a way that always puts each client’s individual requirements first.

This is precisely what the IM Optimum Portfolios are designed to achieve. We combine advanced technology with bespoke discretionary investment management to create 3-dimensional investment solutions.

These can be delivered through target dated investment portfolios (where risk is managed internally and rebalanced to each client’s age and requirements, in line with the selected glide path) or our risk rated model portfolios (where risk is still managed internally, but remains within a constant profile until changed).

We have 46 individual investment mandates that are managed by Quilter Cheviot on a daily basis, each covering different sets of asset allocation and underlying investments on the risk/reward spectrum.

For our target dated portfolios we map these onto two different ‘glide paths’ to create the optimum risk/reward ratio for each individual client at any given point in time. The first ‘glide path’ blends through the portfolios designed to provide a capital lump sum for withdrawal at your clients’ target date (IM Optimum Growth). The second blends through portfolios designed to produce the optimum level of return for income at your clients’ target date (IM Optimum Growth & Income).

For our risk rated portfolios we blend the relevant investment mandates to create five individual portfolios that are regularly rebalanced back to their original risk profile.

You can find out more about our IM Optimum Portfolios, investment process and internal risk management in this section. Alternatively, call us and we will arrange for your nearest regional sales director to contact you.