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Leave the decisions to us. Just let us know how long you want to invest for and what you would like to do with your money and we will build and manage your portfolio(s) for you, in line with your requirements.

We are on hand to discuss your current and future plans for income and/or withdrawals and help guide you to best meet these needs.


IM LIFESTYLE uses a target dated investment style made up of index trackers and stock selection, blended to capture the benefits of each style.

All investment decisions, asset allocation and re-profiling is managed internally for you, in line with your requirements. This means your money is always working in line with your future aims and goals.


By using a blend of index trackers and stock selection IM LIFESTYLE seeks to provide returns that will go on to outperform the markets as a whole.

 All investment decisions are made for you using our best ideas at any given time in market cycles. These are constantly adjusted to meet your needs, be that growth, income or a combination.

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IM LIFESTYLE offers full financial and tax guidance  as and when you require this. We enable you to plan effectively with experienced support, rather than go it alone or pay high financial adviser fees.

With your investments already being fully managed for you, our planning service focuses on the choices available to save you tax, together with astute financial guidance to help meet your goals.

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