One size can never fit all

Intelligent Money offers different solutions,
for employees under one framework to
ensure a suitable pension outcome for all

A Suitable Pension

A suitable pension for each employee is a requirement for automatic enrolment compliance. This could mean having to establish different solutions from multiple providers to ensure achieving a suitable pension outcome for each employee within every company.

Working with advisers during the development of our automatic enrolment proposition we identified this issue at the early stages and this enabled us to develop a fully inclusive solution with varied investment options to provide a suitable pension outcome for each employee, from just one interface.

Default Portfolio

Intelligent Money offers the IM Default Portfolio for all automatic enrolment contributions. This portfolio has been designed to target an average annual return of CPI+4% (net).

IM Optimum Portfolios

Our Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme (QWPS) also gives full access to our IM Optimum Portfolios. These are considerably more sophisticated investment portfolios and include target dated portfolios that manage risk internally down different glidepaths depending upon the requirement at retirement (a lump sum to withdraw, a lump sum producing income, or a mixture of the two) as well as risk rated model portfolios.

The Optimum Portfolios also accept pension transfers and can facilitate adviser charging (unlike the Default Portfolio). Please look through our Investment Management section for further information.

Commercial Property

In addition to accessing our IM Optimum Portfolios, our QWPS offers bespoke SIPP functionality to enable business owners to purchase commercial property within their SIPPs.

Flexible Drawdown

Unlike most QWPS providers, Intelligent Money offers all scheme members the SIPP functionality of Flexible Drawdown under the new pension freedoms.

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